Venue online
Date 1 September - 20 September
UK Nation Northern Ireland
Match Make,Locky Morris
Match Make,Michael McEvoy
Match Make,Maiden Voyage Dance

Match Make is a series of short films which paired 8 dance artists and 8 artist collaborators during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Each work was created in response the artist’s changing relationship to their internal and external environments during the first pandemic lockdown and include natural, industrial, rural, urban and coastal settings throughout Northern Ireland.

Match Make is made up of the following eight films:

Chrysalis by Ryan O’Neill & Conan McIvor

In. At. If by Maeve McGreevy & Tom Hughes

Yellow by Emily McDonagh & Neil Foster

Soul Sleep by Rosie Mullin and Kat Woods

Streams of…by Michael McEvoy and Esther O’Kelly

Going Solo by Vasiliki Stasinaki & Sarah Gordon

Bend In The River by Janie Doherty & Locky Morris

Backbone by Clara Kerr & Jo Guthrie

Maiden Voyage Dance

Maiden Voyage Dance is Northern Ireland’s contemporary dance commissioning company with a vision to place dance at the heart of contemporary culture and a mission to stimulate and enrich people’s lives through high quality dance experiences. Maiden Voyage Dance commissions and tours new work bringing together international, national and regionally based choreographers, dancers and other collaborators.