Mojo Mickybo

Venue online
Date 1 September - 20 September
UK Nation Northern Ireland
Mojo Mickybo
Mojo Mickybo
Mojo Mickybo

Mojo Mickybo shows the friendship between two boys growing up in Belfast – a friendship that at first is immune to the sectarian violence taking place around them, but which nonetheless is ultimately destroyed by it.

“Belfast. The summer of 1970. The heat’s meltin’ the tarmac on the street, the buses are burning bright and punters are drinking petrol outta milk bottles”.

Bruiser Theatre Company

Bruiser Theatre Company is one of Northern Ireland’s most vibrant and successful arts organisations. Founded in 1997 and based in Belfast, Bruiser produces theatre that is exciting and innovative, down to earth and accessible to all. We’re committed to providing high impact theatre experiences for our audiences in Northern Ireland, and further afield.

We exist to engage, excite, stimulate, and inspire through our unique brand of physical theatre. We create:
•International quality shows, by and for the people of Northern Ireland
•Essential professional development and education opportunities for young people
•An environment where our artists can fulfil their creative potential

We aim to:
•Create powerful, meaningful physical theatre experiences that enrich the lives of our audience and participants
•Promote the professional development and education of young people to allow them to fulfil their full potential
•Co-create challenging and rewarding opportunities for our participants
•Be embedded into the cultural life of Northern Ireland

Our process uses minimal set for maximum impact, whilst further exploring the notion of the actor as the central mechanism of performance.  This approach is echoed in all of our productions, and is the central artistic premise in all our work.