Nurture, A film of a group performance

Venue online
Date 1 September - 20 September
UK Nation Northern Ireland
Helen’s Bay – 2020 – Photography Jordan Hutchings

‘Nurture’ is a group performance exploring a sense of connection and the possibilities of re-connection to other natural elements, recognising an awareness that we ourselves are part of nature and the interconnection within the natural world, all of which needs to be nurtured.


Bbeyond celebrating our 20th Anniversary this year 2021, came into being in 2001. Bbeyond is committed to promoting the practice of performance art, our aim is to raise people’s consciousness of live/performance art as being integral to the world in and around us, inspiring reflection and enriching lived experience. We host artists of international reputation throughout the performance art world and encourage newer artists to experience performance art practices for themselves.

Brian Patterson

Brian Patterson is administrator and co-ordinator of projects for Bbeyond and one of the motivational forces behind setting up Bbeyond. Patterson previously, worked with Flax art Studios (1998 -2003) organising their International Residency Programme, and Catalyst Arts, (1996-1998), an artist-run organisation, to promote innovative and experimental working practices.

Photo Credit: Patterson -Interval4 Essen 2014 – Photography ThomasReul

Elaine McGinn

Born in Belfast 1963. Through the debris of political and societal change, Elaine McGinn graduated from the University of Ulster Belfast and continued study in Art Therapy at Queens University Belfast. McGinn has consistently produced works locally and internationally and has recently taken part in Rebel live Action “Eco Art” international performance festival, Bangkok, Thailand and Suncheon, South Korea.

Photo Credit: Re-Emerging -Bbeyond Monthly Hambly & Hambly Gallery 2020 – Photography Jordan Hutchings

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James King

James King lectured for thirty years in Community Drama at the University of Ulster. His extra-mural activity included agit prop street art/ theatre and clowning. Since retirement King has began developing sound poetry and spoken word improvisation, which feeds into his performance art practice, particularly through Bbeyond monthly group performance events which are held in galleries and outdoor spaces.

Photo Credit:Accíon MAD 16 – Madrid 2016 – Photography Abel Loureda

James King | Bbeyond

Keike Twisselmann

Since 1989 Keike Twisselmann’s work scope includes painting, poetry of the mind, film, performance art, automatic writing, philosophy, politics, the laws of nature and humanity; noise and silence. However, her two main fields of output are in painting and performance art.

Photo Credit:Somatic Distortion – 2019

Sandra Corrigan Breathnach

Sandra Corrigan Breathnach is an interdisciplinary artist working mainly in Performance Art.

Photo Credit:P.E.P.A. Madrid 2019 – Photography Carlos Felices

Sarah Riseborough

Sarah began making live performance in 2013 after moving from traditional representational painting into sculpture, intervention and installation using low value, mass-produced materials. She has worked in the UK and Europe in groups and in solo.

Photo Credit: Somatic Distortion 2019 – Photography Sandra Corrigan Breathnach