Songs for heritage and culture of Northern Ireland

Venue online
Date 6 September - 20 September
UK Nation Northern Ireland

The project involves the on line presentation of original songs that have been specifically written to interpret and convey information about our cultural and built heritage in NI.

These would include: ‘Belfast Angel’, a song featuring a beautiful, significant and currently derelict and threatened, Art Deco bank buildings situated in Belfast’s historic and atone time troubled city centre; ‘Window Seat’, a song showcasing the architecturally and historically unique, and currently at risk, famous department store Austins, (lauded as the first in the world!) and the beautiful human interest story of Molly Campbell, who’s life story was woven intricately with the history of the building during her fascinating 100 year life; and finally, ‘Sisters Born Here’ a song featuring the historically significant Armagh women’s prison – famous in the troubled history of our conflict here in NI.

Belfast Angel: Brigid O’Neill/Maria McManus/Anthony Toner lyrics
Window Seat: Brigid O’Neill lyrics
Sisters Born Here: Brigid O’Neill/Eoin O’Callaghan lyrics

The songs were recorded and videoed at Slemish Sessions studio Co Antrim, NI
Audio Engineer: Andrew Dougherty
Videographer: Brian O’Kane

Piano and Hammond: John McCullough
Guitars: Pete Wallace
Drums and percussion: Matt Weir
Bass: Carl Harvey
Backing vocals: Pete Wallace & Matt Weir

Musical Director/Producer: Pete Wallace
Arrangements: Pete Wallace and Brigid O’Neill

The songs were originally commissioned by the Ulster Architectural Heritage Society for their Heritage in Song project – part of the Heritage Angels Awards in 2017/18 &19, curated by Brigid O’Neill.

Photo credits: With thanks to the Ulster Architectural Society, Lyndsay Malone, Andrew Allen, Sean Barden at Armagh Gaol and Wendy Austin (private collection)

Brigid O’Neill

Singer Songwriter

Described by Ralph McLean of BBC Radio Ulster as “A great songwriter with a voice that can break your heart at 30 paces Brigid O’Neill from Co. Down in NI is a genre-spanning songsmith whose evergreen music appeals to multiple generations. An immensely gifted story teller, her latest album ‘Touchstone’ sees her effortlessly weave elements of folk, country and jazz into relatable tales of happiness, heartbreak and the human condition.

More information on Brigid can be found at her website